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  WaterLab2 DPC-2 Colorimeter Electronic Test Kit  

Your Price: $1,046.59


Item # 3509-01

Availability: Ships In 3-5 Days

Description of WaterLab2 DPC-2 Colorimeter Electronic Test Kit

This popular lab features the DPC-2 colorimeter which analyzes Chlorine, Bromine, pH, Cyanuric Acid, Copper, and Iron. Compact Direct Reading Titrators are used to test Hardness and Alkalinity. It's a complete poolside lab in a sturdy carrying case.

Test Factor


Free Chlorine
0-4.0 ppm
Total Chlorine
0-4.0 ppm
0-9.0 ppm
6.6-8.2 pH
Cyanuric Acid
10-150 ppm
0-4.0 ppm
0-7.0 ppm
Calcium Hardness
0-500+ ppm
Direct Reading Titrator
Total Alkalinity
0-500+ ppm
Direct Reading Titrator
Acid Demand
from Alkalinity Test
Base Demand
Drop Count

Kit includes: DPC-2 Colorimeter, carrying case, AC adapter, and liquid reagents listed. Enough reagents for 100 tests!

To upgrade the DPC-2 so results can be sent directly from the colorimeter, order the DataMate 8.0 software Code 1768 (compact disk), and Code 1772 (RS-232 connector cable). Call Customer Service for assistance.

3509-01, 3509-01

Replacement Test Kit Contents for 3509-01
Add to Cart Qty Part Number Description Online Price

P-6740-G DPD 1A 1 OZ 30 Mil Bottle Price: $6.67

P-6741-G DPD 1B 1 OZ 30 Mil Bottle Price: $6.67

P-6743-G DPD #3 1 OZ 30 Mil Bottle Price: $8.30

WL-7027-H PH Indicator 2 OZ 60 Mil Bottle Price: $14.14

378-WL-3808-J Copper Tablets 100 Tablets Price: $32.67

378-WL-4450-H Iron 1 Reagent 60 mL Price: $20.40

378-WL-4451-D Iron 2 Powder 10 Grams Price: $27.55

378-WL-4856-K Cyanuric Acid Reagent 250 mL Price: $24.10

378-WL-6460-H Base Reagent 60 mL Price: $14.34

378-0369 Pipet, Plastic 0.5 mL Price: $5.08

378-0371 Pipet, Glass with Cap Price: $10.31

378-0513 Test Tube Brush 3/4 Inch Price: $4.85

378-0807 Syringe, Plastic 5 mL Price: $9.70