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Paraflyte Ladder at Sides Lifeguard Chair Item: KDI-20003

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Paragon Aquatics Paraflyte fixed-series chairs are designed to harmonize with Paragon diving towers and starting platforms. They feature both sloping pedestal and access ladder. All fixed or semi-permanent chairs have a rugged platform extending to the pool edge permitting the lifeguard a safe, fast takeoff. All chairs have a molded fiberglass reinforced plastic seat. These chairs are supported on seat pedestals with a 360 degree swivel.

All Paraflyte chairs have a platform height of 4' 6", a seat height of 6 feet above the deck, and are supported by a stainless steel flanged pedestal which is set back 3 feet from the pool wall. The ladder at side is set back 3' 1-5/8" from the pool wall. Combination ladder risers and guard rails are .065" wall x 1.90" diameter, Type 304 stainless steel, polished to a 320 grit finish.

All platforms (footboards) are constructed of laminated wood, coated with fiberglass and polyester resin and have a non-skid surface.

All Paraflyte lifeguard chairs are furnished with pedestal, pedestal anchor, rear anchors (where required) and escutcheon plates. All are furnished with holders for rescue tube and umbrella.

Paraflyte ladder at rear also comes in .145" wall thickness. Replacement ladder steps are 19 inches and are available in vertical and sloping designs (sold separately).

Paraflyte Ladder at Sides (KDI-20003). Two sloping access ladders allow the lifeguard to dismount quickly and safely from either side, especially while changing guards. Two guards can each stand in an elevated position for unbroken surveillance during guard change and relay of instructions.

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