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Standard 6 Foot Portable Lifeguard Chair Item: PLS-204

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S.R. Smith Lifeguard chairs are designed to meet the logistical and safety needs of facilities from small hotel pools to large aquatic facilities. All of the S.R. Smith lifeguard chairs feature wide steps or treads and large, sand-treated footboards so lifeguards have plenty of space to stand or sit.

The PLS 204 Standard Lifeguard is 6 foot tall, allowing lifeguards to easily scan large pool areas in a short amount of time. This easily movable unit allows you the flexibility of moving your lifeguard stations as needed. The seat swivels 45-degrees for focused scanning. 

Required deck space: 59 x 61 inches.

  • Two wheels for flexibility to move stations as needed
  • Seat swivels 45ยก
  • Observation platform features a non-slip, sanded tread
  • Footboard measures 18 x 42 inches
  • Hand rails and seat posts are 304 stainless steel
  • Stainless steel base for added corrosion resistance

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