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Description of Softop Rescue Board 12 Foot.

Our Rescue Boards meet the demands of lifesaving departments worldwide. Our boards are currently being used by lifeguards, fire departments, and Urban Search and Rescue teams for ocean, swift water, and flat water rescues. Each board comes equipped with a soft durable deck outfitted with large grab handles and designed with highly visible colors and specific "RESCUE" branding where desired. All boards are made using the highest quality materials and meet our stringent manufacturing specifications.

While light, the Softop construction is incredibly durable and designed to withstand the punishment associated with longtime use in rough waters and outdoors. Each boards features: soft rubber deck (approximately .25 inches), gel-coat bottom, handles, skeg, leash plug, and RESCUE markings on top and bottom. Currently, this board comes in Yellow only with red trim.

The workhorses of the fleet, the 12 foot Softop Rescue Boards are designed for use in every condition from broken ice to rivers to heavy seas. From beach lifesaving to fire department search and rescue divisions, the versatility of the boards enables them to be used in various circumstances. Available in both 11 or 12 feet to suit the specific focus of your department, each model is built with a durable sandwich construction, soft decks, and carefully placed handles along the rails of each board.

, AQRB125