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Disposable Bag Resuscitator Infant Item: AQ134
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The Ambu Disposable Resuscitator is a single use, disposable, manual resuscitator. This eliminates entirely any risks associated with reassembly or cross-contamination. All the materials that are used, including the patient valve, are transparent, enabling an easy visual inspection of the components, all of which are 100% latex-free.

The Infant model now features a MediPort (Medication Port for Syringe Administration) as standard. The MediPort provides the option of giving fluid medication through the patient port without removing the resuscitator from the patient, thereby saving vital seconds in the chain of survival. Both the Infant and Pediatric models come with a 40 cm H2O pressure limitation valve for patient safety, as well as a manometer port.

The Ambu Disposable Resuscitator is also available in Adult and Pediatric models. Sold separately.

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