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Disposable Bag Resuscitator Pediatric Item: AQ132

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The Ambu Disposable Resuscitator is a single use, disposable, manual resuscitator. This eliminates entirely any risks associated with reassembly or cross-contamination. All the materials that are used, including the patient valve, are transparent, enabling an easy visual inspection of the components, all of which are 100% latex-free.

The Adult and Pediatric resuscitator have a support strap, which reduces hand fatigue and the textured surfaces facilitate a steady grip. A splash-guard protects rescuers from any harmful aspirations. The Pediatric model comes with a 40 cm H2O pressure limitation valve for patient safety, as well as a manometer port.

The Ambu Disposable Resuscitator is also available in Adult and Infant models. Sold separately.

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