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Item # MLD-SG-0909

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Description of Two SuperSump Injection Molded Main Drain Sump 9 x 9 Inch with 4 Inch Port and VGB Cover.

SuperSump™ eliminates the need for certification of field-formed sumps by a licensed design professional. ASME-2007 and NSF Listed, Lawson Aquatics SuperSump now adds peace of mind and efficiency to its long list of benefits and advantages. The SuperSump with SuperFlow™ main drain grating are pre-certified which allows you to move forward with construction and avoid the unnecessary delay of field inspection and concrete sumps. Add to this the highest flow rate for maximum efficiency, it includes everything you need! Extremely comfortable underfoot, the SuperSump design features include:

Open grate area of 57%—allowing a flow rate of 816 GPM (for the 18" x 18").
Internal plumbing fittings instead of external. Allows stacking and avoids breaking off or cracking during shipment, pressure testing or handling.
Unique built-in water stop with two vertical extensions. Prevents water passing over the flange.
A solid one-piece, injection-molded unit. Less expensive than fabricated PVC sheets, stainless steel or fiberglass.
Tapered body for strength—allows for water expansion during freezing, and easily stacks to reduce storage space and shipping costs.

Size: 9” x 9”; Floor GPM: 261; Wall GPM: 248; side Port 4”; Open Area: 42.12.

Ten-Year Warranty.