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Description of Marine Safety Lok-On Rope Floats 8" x 14".

Jim Buoy's all-new Lok-On Rope Floats, when used with Jim Buoy's Rope-Loks (sold separately) will stay in position indefinitely. It's an ingenious, trouble-free solution to an old problem.

To use, simply slide the correct number of Lok-On Rope Floats onto the rope and place the Rope-Loks on the rope in the position where each float will ultimately be locked in place. Next, slide the Lok-On Rope Floats over each Rope-Lok until you hear a slight "click" indicating it's locked securely in place. It's that easy and it's a permanent installation! (Floats may be forcefully repositioned as future requirements may demand.)

Great features include:

* Rugged Construction - Combines a leak-proof, tough outer shell with solid foam - filled inner floatation that is practically indestructible!

* Brilliant Choice of Colors - Ultra violet inhibited colors are compounded into the outer shell for longest life!

* Application - Large Marine Size 8" x 14" may be used with ropes 7/8" in diameter!

Color Options:

Blue & White with Red Center Band.

Yellow & White with Red Center Band.

Red & White with Blue Center Band.

1503, 334-1503


ROPE LOK FOR 8" x 14"
Rope Lok for 8" x 14" Floats.