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Our quality replacement motors are carefully engineered to meet the rugged demands of swimming pool duty. Two sealed ball bearings (with large 304 bearing on shaft end) offer ample capacity for extended life. Bearings are selected for quietness and are lubricated for life with greases specifically chosen for moisture and heat resistant qualities. Aluminum end frames are accurately machined for maximum concentricity and minimum runout.

Three-Phase and Single-Phase
Drip Proof
Class F Insulation 3-Phase
Class B Insulation 1-Phase
External Sling
Locked Shaft End Bearings

Important: Total output (HP x service factor) of replacement motor must equal or exceed motor being replaced. If you need a large hp motor, please call our office for assistance.

Commerial Duty Close-Coupled Pump Motors. For the Marlow 3B Series Pumps.

Need Help with a Motor? Fax us the information on the name tag of your current motor (hp, voltage, phase (single or 3-phase), and frame number). Also provide the model of the pump itself. FAX: 207-692-1033. We’ll be glad to assist you with getting the right motor.

E488-I.jpg 5 HP 1-PHASE MOTOR 230V Item: #P231 Ships in 2-3 Days
E488-I.jpg 5 HP 3-Phase Motor 3450 208-230/460V 60 HZ 27.6/12 182JM Frame 1.15 Item: #C218-182BD Ships in 5-7 days
E488-I.jpg 7-1/2 HP 1-PHASE MOTOR 230V Item: #P318 Ships in 2-3 Days
E377-I.jpg 7-1/2 HP THREE-PHASE COMMERCIAL PUMP 200-230/460V Item: #E285M Ships In 2-3 Days