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Finis Tech Toc Hip Rotation Training Tool Item: 708-139

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A key to improving one's technique and stroke efficiency is to improve hip rotation. The strength and rate of an individual's hip rotation determines the power and timing of their stroke. Swimmers that do not have a balanced hip rotation will, in turn, have an unbalanced stroke, resulting in a waste of energy, with one side of the body performing most of the work.

The Tech Toc is the only device that allows swimmers to gauge the position of their hips with relation to their hand and body position using sound and feel.

The Tech Toc consists of a ball bearing within a plastic capsule that contains acoustical amplifiers at each end. The device allows swimmers to hear, as well as feel, the rhythm and pace of their stroke pattern and technique. As the ball hits the acoustical amplifier, it provides the swimmer feedback on their hip rotation and movement. Additionally, the coach can see a visual reference and hear an audible noise to help monitor hip rotation corresponding to the hand and body position.

Finis Hydro Hip Training Tool Item: #708-164