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Del Ozone Eclipse 2 110V 15,000 Gallons Item: EC-2-16K
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Across the country, pools have either endured closures due to RWI (Recreational Water Illness) or are constantly on edge in fear of an incident, no matter how careful and fastidious their water management approach may be. Chlorine alone cannot protect guests and water quality as effectively as ozone. The installation of a Ozone system ensures properly sanitized water, chloramine elimination, and a significantly reduced risk of RWI. In addition, swimmers will notice the lack of chemical odor in the water and around the facility; and elimination of skin and eye irritation.

Cryptosporidium, proven to be highly resistant to chlorine, continues to pose a significant threat to the commercial pool and spa industry. With the potential for a high bather load and the risk of RWI, facilities can no longer rely on chlorine alone. More effective than UV, ozone presents the optimal solution.

Ozone systems have been third-party validated by NSF International to eliminate 99.9-99.9999% of RWI-causing bacteria including E. coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, widely recognized as one of the most common causes of waterborne disease within humans in the United States, as well as Cryptosporidium parvum, which has recently emerged in the pool industry as a particularly dangerous microorganism. Reducing maintenance, protecting equipment and lowering operating costs, ozone guarantees the best possible care of both your facility and your visitors!

The Eclipse™ series produces up to five times the concentration of ozone produced by a UV generator. The unit is connected to your main circulation system so each time your main pump turns on, ozone is automatically introduced into the water. Reducing chlorine use by 80-90%, the Eclipse not only saves you time and money but it gives you the peace of mind that you’re doing your part to reduce your environmental impact.

Why Ozone?

Traditional pool chemicals such as chlorine, sanitize pool water very slowly and leave undesirable byproducts that are irritating to swimmers. Ozone sanitizes the water faster and more efficiently while destroying these chemical byproducts. Ozone has long been used to purify bottled water and today is an integral step in the purification process of most major bottled water brands.

Ozone is oxygen (O2) with an extra oxygen atom attached (O3). The third oxygen atom oxidizes and destroys up to 99.99% of microorganisms in your pool, including bacteria, viruses and molds. Ozone further breaks down and destroys contaminants such as cosmetics, body oil. Perspiration and urine found in the water. Reverting back to oxygen when its work is done, ozone leaves no unpleasant byproducts in the water.

Eclipse Features:

  • Reliable and Energy Efficient 
  • Reduces Environmental Impact 
  • Easy Installation 
  • Retrofittable

Includes the Mixing Degas Vessel (MDV). The MDV prevents bubbles from disrupting the surface of the pool or from gathering under the cover. It gives you the freedom to oversize ozone to achieve maximum chemical reduction for even healthier and fresher water. The more ozone, the more chemical reduction. For larger applications than listed, please call.

We just weren’t satisfied with merely meeting the standards; we wanted to exceed the standards. We’ve purchased and installed one of the most advanced ozone systems in the industry from DEL Ozone and, as a result, may have the healthiest pool and whirlpools in New York City. -- David Schmeltzer, Director, 92nd Street Y May Center for Health, Fitness and Sport.