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Intellizone MS-042-02 Ozone Management System Only for Pools 75,000-114,999 Gallons Item: 521869

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In addition to the production of ozone, a commercial ozone system requires that the ozone be handled safely and delivered into the pool water. This is PentairÍs Ozone Management System. The Management System has several parts:

Mixing Tower or Contact Tank _ these vessels provide greater mixing of the ozone gas and remove any undissolved ozone from the water.

Injector Assembly _ the injector pulls the ozone gas into the water and dissolves it; this assembly includes the ozone gas injector and by-pass valve.

Degas Valve _ removes the unwanted, undissolved ozone gas from the contact vessel, and moves it to the destruct unit.

Ozone Destruct _ destroys any excess ozone off _ gas.

ORP Controller _ automatically cycles the ozone generator on and off by a set point to assure the proper amount of ozone is produced and in the water.

Ambient Air Monitor 521712 (not included but may be required under some codes) _ monitors gaseous ozone in the equipment room and shuts down the ozone system in the unlikely event of a leak.

  • Genesis Ozone Generator + Intellizone Management System = Integrated Ozone Safety Management System.
  • All the parts necessary for a complete Management System.
  • All management systems include 40 feet of PTFE tubing.
  • UL Listed.
  • Several systems available to accommodate a variety of pools.
  • Pentair provides engineering assistance for sizing of systems larger than 150,000 gallons.

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