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Anti-Wave Racing Lane Replacement Parts Item: AntiWave_Lane_Parts

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We have a large variety of Anti-Wave parts available. Please contact us if you need assistance with Anti-Wave replacement parts.

Forerunner Lane Disk 4.75 Inch Item: #AW05FX
Maximum Lane Disk 6 Inch Item: #AW05MX
Mini Disk 2.5 Inch Item: #AW000X
Donut Float 2.75 Inch Item: #AW05X
AntiWave Lane Line Supertensioner Item: #AW0055
Quick Link Disconnect Item: #AW0043
Extension S Hook 2 Inch Item: #AW0045
Extension S Hook 3 Inch Item: #AW0046
Extension Hook 8 Inch Item: #AW0047
Extension Hook 14 Inch Item: #AW0048
Extension Hook 21 Inch Item: #AW0049
3/16 Inch Stainless Steel Vinyl Coated Cable Per Foot Item: #CS200210000
Clamp Body and Cover Item: #AW0059/60
Poly Rope for Mini Lanes (Sold per Foot) Item: #AW0126