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Splash and Slam Basketball Backboard Mounting Kit and Rim Mounting Kit Complete Item: AQGM216-HDWCOMP
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This is the mounting hardware for the rim and backboard complete with support arms and height adjustment assembly. Please see related items to purchase individual items from this kit.

1/4 Washer Item: #AQGMW14
5/16 Inch Washer Item: #AQGMW516
3/8 Washer Item: #AQGMW38
1/2 Inch Nut Item: #AQGMN12
5/16 x 3/4 Inch Carriage Bolt Item: #AQGMCB51634
5/16 x 3/4 Inch Bolt Item: #AQGMB51634
1/4 x 1 1/4 Inch Carriage Bolt Item: #AQGMCB14114
1/2 Inch Lock Nut Item: #AQGMLW12
Splash and Slam 5/16 Inch Flanged Lock Nut (each) Item: #AQGMFLN516
1/4 Inch Lock Nut Item: #AQGMLN14
5/16 Inch Locknut Item: #AQGMLN516
Curved Backboard Bracket Item: #AQGMCBR107
1/2 x 7 Inch Carriage Bolt Item: #AQGMCB127
Long Backboard Support Item: #AQGMLBS106
Bent Strut Right Side Item: #AQGMSRH125
Bent Strut Left Side Square Holes Item: #AQGMSSH126