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In accordance with the most recent DOJ ruling on swimming pool lift matters, a Portable Docking Station anchoring system has been added to the Patriot and Rebel portable pool lifts. This portable docking station has been designed to be easy to install and operate. It consists of a Docking Bar and a Docking Bolt to hold down the lift and a 1 x 4 inch PVC anchor insert.

The installation requires drilling one 1-1/4 inch diameter hole 4 inches deep (installation instructions included). The additional parts show (bonding-lug and 10-24 hex bolt) are included in case your installation requires bonding.

To make a portable pool lift ADA compliant, it must be fixed in position and cannot be moved or removed without tools. This is to ensure the lift is available at all times. The Aqua Creek Portable Docking Station has been designed to meet all ADA requirements when properly installed.

All Patriot and Rebel portable lifts shipped prior to Feb. 1, 2012, DOJ clarification can be field converted with the purchase of a Portable Docking Station. If you purchased a Patriot or Rebel lift that was shipped after the first of February and did not include a docking station, please contact us for instructions on obtaining a docking station.

Your pool lift may be required to be bonded per the DOJ latest ruling depending on your building inspector’s interpretation of the ruling. Check with the authority having jurisdiction over your pool.