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Filter Aid - 1.5 Lbs. - Limited Quantities - All Sales Final Item: 24326SIM

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Filter Aid clears cloudy water by trapping tiny particles of dirt, dead algae, plaster dust, etc., in the filter that may otherwise pass thru. It also removes most iron and copper from the water. May be used on sand, cartridge, and D.E. filters.

Filter Aid contains no alum or D.E. and will not affect the pH of pool water. For maximum filter efficiency, clean the filter alternately with Filter Cleaner/Degreaser and Filter Cleaner/Descaler twice a season. Use once a month to help maintain optimum water clarity.

DIRECTIONS - Before using Filter Aid, make sure the filter, hair and lint pot and skimmer baskets are clean. To obtain uniform distribution of Filter Aid, it is best to mix the required amount in a clean bucket of water and add the slurry slowly through the skimmer with the pump on. For D.E. filters, mix the D.E. and Filter Aid together in water and add through skimmer. Please follow specific directions listed on container for your type of filter.