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Stain and Scale Control - 1 Quart - Limited Quantities - All Sales Final Item: 23901BPG

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Scale and Stain Control performs three important functions with one easy to use product. Scale and Stain Control prevents scale build up by tying up excessive calcium and minerals; prevents stains by tying up heavy metals such as copper, iron, and manganese; and it removes fresh stains by pulling metal off pool surfaces to be removed by a filter aid. Scale and Stain Control's chlorine resistant formula keeps your pool protected from staining and scale buildup.

  • Helps prevent staining due to iron, copper and manganese.
  • Prevents scale formation and cloudy water due to high calcium levels.
  • Removes relatively fresh metal stains from pool surfaces.
  • Concentrated liquid sequestering agent.
  • Chlorine-resistant formula. Easy to use (no mixing).
  • ÊHelps remove some scale buildup.
  • Helps prevent serious damage to pool surface and equipment.
  • For all types of pools. pH <3.0.