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SpectraLock Compression Anchor 1.5 Inch Item: 42696-00

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The SpectraLock 1.5 Inch Compression Anchor is engineered to address corrosion issues in pool environments and provide easier hand rail and ladder installation. It is Ideal for underwater installation of handrails and ramp rails where rust bleeds can reduce water quality. These anchors also eliminate debris, corrosion and heavy water deposits typically found lodged between the wedge anchor inside wall and assembly.

These compression anchors are easy to install and ideal for removing and installing ladders or rails during pool deck maintenance, repairs, and renovation. They eliminate alignment issues and the need for frequent bolt tightening common with wedge anchor assemblies.

The built-in anchor compression ring applies even pressure on tubing, decreasing potential damage to rail or ladder. The escutcheonless, flush-mount design gives the rail and deck a finished look.

Accommodates recommended ADA handrail and ladder tubing diameters. Use with 1.5 inch outside diameter rails.

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