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Olympic Convoy II Anti-Slip Coating

Convoy II. Convoy II is an economical non-slip floor and deck coating that is based on a single component, durable acrylic polymer. USDA accepted Convoy II as a waterborne coating that is non-flammable and releases no solvent vapors into the air. This non-slip coating is designed to perform superbly in areas which receive normal foot traffic and intermittent vehicular traffic. It is suggested for use where exposure to chemicals and acids is mild.

Convoy II provides protection on concrete, wood, and metal surfaces while offering the advantage of being water thinned. Convoy II dries quickly and can be used in areas which cannot be closed off for long periods of time. This product also performs well when applied over damp surfaces and has excellent life expectancy. If necessary, Convoy II can easily be touched upor recoated.

Convoy II Features:

  • Rugged Water-Borne Acrylic
  • No Solvent Odor
  • Fast Cure
  • Excellent Wear
  • Remarkable Slip Resistance
  • Helps Meet OSHA Requirements
  • USDA Accepted

Coverage: 100-150 sq. ft. per gallon.

Cure time: Touch – 1 hr. at 72° F. Traffic – 4 hrs. (overnight if cooler).

One coat of Kelley's Wood Primer or Metal Primer is required when applying to these surfaces. No primer required for concrete.

This item cannot be overnighted! Shipped ground only. If you have any questions about shipping, please call our Customer Service Department.

Please Note: Paint is Not Returnable.

Convoy II Gallon White
Convoy2_White-I.jpg   Convoy II Gallon White


Convoy II Gallon Gray
Convoy2_Gray-I.jpg   Convoy II Gallon Gray


Convoy II Gallon Green
Convoy2_Green-I.jpg   Convoy II Gallon Green


Convoy II Gallon Black
Convoy2_Black-I.jpg   Convoy II Gallon Black