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Duracourt Tennis Court Coating Item: DURACOURT

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Duracourt Outdoor Court Coating is an easy to use, one-coat tennis court finish for asphalt and concrete surfaces. This product exhibits outstanding durability and color retention. Duracourt coatings may also be used to resurface previously coated courts with excellent results. It is also perfect for basketball and volleyball courts or any recreational surface.

Duracourt Benefits:  

  • Simplicity. The advantage of using Duracourt over other tennis court coatings is the simplicity of our system. There is only one product to buy. Some systems require up to seven different filler coats or cushion coats, which can add up to a big investment in labor and materials. One liberal coat of Duracourt is all you need for a beautiful, long wearing surface. The easy surface preparation also adds to the simplicity of using Duracourt coatings. Simply sweep the court, mask the boundary lines and you are ready to apply Duracourt. Your courts will be ready for play in 24 hours!
  • Economy.
 You also save money by using Duracourt coatings because it is a one coat product that requires no specialized labor. This is especially advantageous for municipalities, universities, schools, and country clubs who want to use their regular maintenance people for coating their courts. Duracourt provides a virtually maintenance free playing surface which results in long run economy for many years to come.
  • Durability.
 Duracourt coatings are formulated from tough acrylic latex which is ideally suited for outdoor play. It literally stretches and breathes to accommodate changing temperature and weather conditions—which means there is no peeling or cracking of the coating.

Coverage: Approximately 100 – 125 square feet per gallon, depending on porosity of the surface. Set to touch in one hour. Water solvent.

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Please Note: Paint is Not Returnable.

Duracourt Gallon White Item: #140-G
Duracourt Five Gallon White Item: #140-5
Duracourt Gallon Red Item: #160-G
Duracourt Five Gallon Red Item: #160-5
Duracourt Gallon Green Item: #180-G
Duracourt Five Gallon Green Item: #180-5