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E-Z Patch PoolDeck (Deck and Patio) Acrylic-Epoxy Coating Five Gallon Item: EZPPDC-5

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E-Z PoolDeck is a professional grade water based epoxy fortified acrylic low, sheen coating that will help prevent staining and restores old surfaces to a like-new appearance without filling in textured surfaces.

Our product is a tough, durable, non-skid coating that withstands the elements such as rain, sleet, snow, heat or sun without lifting. It also seals pool decks from salt water deterioration. In colder climates, it protects cement surfaces from spalling due to freeze-thaw cycles. Not for use on wood decks.

Our special formulations are designed for all Pooldeck Textures, Concrete or Coping Stones! E-Z PoolDeck is easier to apply (no extra thickeners) and a longer lasting (high quality formulation). Contains 45% Acrylic and 3% Epoxy. Complete instructions are on each container.

Coverage Rate: 250 to 325 square feet per gallon. Contains less than 100 V.O.C.

E-Z Patch PoolDeck (Deck and Patio) Acrylic-Epoxy Coating One Gallon Item: #EZPPDC-1