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Generic Harmsco Replacement Cartridges Item: CARTRIDGES_HARMSCO-OEM

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Our generic replacement cartridges are made specifically for Harmsco Cartridge Filters and follow the original manufacturer's specifications. These high-quality, reinforced polyester cartridge elements provide a maximum filtration area and easily trap dirt and debris. Available in diversified sizes to meet all cartridge filter applications for Harmsco models.

Mineral scale, rust and oils build up in most swimming pool filters and are not completely removed by backwashing. This causes filtration quality to deteriorate. It's a good idea to keep two complete sets of pool filter cartridges on hand to eliminate downtime. When one gets dirty, simply place the second set into the filter and clean the dirty set when time allows.

If you do not see the cartridge you need, please call Customer Service for assistance.

Generic Harmsco OEM Filter Cartridge 105 SQ. FT. For BF105 Item: #ST105-OEM
Generic Harmsco OEM Filter Cartridge 155 SQ. FT. For BF155 Item: #ST155-OEM