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Harmsco® SuperTuf™ Polyester-Plus cartridges offer superior water clarity, polish, and sparkle for your swimming pool water. Polyester-Plus, a technical media exclusive to Harmsco, filters from 20 microns down to between 3-5 microns. This offers you the finest filtration available—as fine as diatomaceous earth! The corrugated construction keeps pleats separated and enhances efficiency. With more than 4000 clear channels to the center tube, for maximum flow under all conditions, the entire filtering surface is fully used.

Mineral scale, rust and oils build up in most swimming pool filters and are not completely removed by backwashing. This causes filtration quality to deteriorate. It’s a good idea to keep two complete sets of pool filter cartridges on hand to eliminate downtime. When one gets dirty, simply place the second set into the filter and clean the dirty set when time allows.

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Please allow a minimum of two-weeks for genuine, factory shipped replacement parts. If you are interested in an alternative cartridge, go to Harmsco-OEM Replacement Cartridges.

ST55 55 SQ. FT. - BF55 BETTERFILTER Item: #ST55
Genuine Harmsco Factory Standard Cartridge Element 105 Square Feet Item: #ST105
ST155 155 SQ. FT. FOR BF155 BETTERFILTER Item: #ST155