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Center Drain Filter Grid Elements Item: GRIDS_CENTER

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Our grids are precision vacuum formed from high quality polystyrene plastic. All covers are made from durable custom woven monofilament polypropylene featuring a Velcro closure. Most grids can be purchased as a complete assembly with cover and gasket or grid only. Many styles to choose from. Only a small sampling is listed online. Please call Customer Service for assistance if you do not see your grid element listed.

Often called filter "discs," these center drain leaves are fabricated for absolute rigidity. Features corrugated channel patterns and internal reinforcement. Thermoplastic washers are permanently bonded to the element. Complete grid with polypropylene cover. Spacers, end caps, and thru-rods must be ordered separately.

Commercial Disc Systems are a popular style of DE filter. They feature spin discs which have been converted to run in a vacuum (open pit) configuration. Multiple banks of discs are assembled on a manifold to provide the necessary filter area. If you need to call to order, please specify the manufacturer of the filter.

Replacement covers are made of heavy-duty woven monofilament linear polypropylene. Edges are sealed to prevent raveling. Velcro closures included for easy-on and easy-off replacement. Zip-on covers are available (recommended for pressure filters only). Call to order covers not listed.

Covered Disc 16 Inch 2.5 Inch ID Item: #FD-1620-00
Covered Disc 24.5 Inch 4.125 Inch ID Item: #FD-2400-03
Covered Disc 24.5 Inch 4.75 Inch ID Item: #FD-2400-04
Cover Oonly 24.5 Inch Velcro Item: #FDC-24-V
Cover Only 24.5 Inch Zipper Item: #FDC-24-Z
Spacer For 4.125 Inch ID Item: #DS-2403-15
Spacer For 4.75 Inch ID Item: #DS-2404-15
End Cap Closed For 24.5 Inch Disc Item: #DA-2403-CE
End Cap Open For 4.125 Inch ID Item: #DA-2403-DE
End Cap Open For 4.75 Inch ID Item: #DA-2404-DE
Thru-Rod 36 Inch Item: #TR-2400-36
Thru-Rod 48 Inch Item: #TR-2400-48
Thru-Rod 60 Inch Item: #TR-2400-60
Covered Disc 26 Inch 4.75 Inch ID Item: #FD-2600-33
Spacer For 26 Inch Disc Item: #DS-2600-15