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25 lb. Bag Celaperl (Perlite) Item: 13040

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The performance of your filtration equipment can be significantly affected by the media you choose and how often you clean your system, particularly when it comes to your Defender┬« Regenerative Media filter. Not all Perlite is the same. 

Celaperl - the exclusive media specifically designed to maximize the performance of your Regenerative filter.

  • Celaperl is low float perlite and maximizes filter performance.
  • Enhances element coating.
  • Maximizes oil removal.
  • Removes particles down to one micron in size.
  • Removes up to 99.9% of crypto in a single pass.
  • Achieves 25-30% longer filter cycles (according to current Defender Filter operators).
  • Generic Perlite can have high float.
  • Float is the non-functional waste that doesn't coat the filter elements and will impact filter performance.
  • Hight float causes bleed-through and short filter cycles.
  • Generic Perlite also tends to have high permeability and cannot filter down to 1 Micron.