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Pool Gauges

We carry a quality selection of commercial pool gauges for long and reliable service under the harshest of swimming pool conditions.  Pressure, vacuum and compound gauges vailable in various mounts and sizes.

Astral Pressure Gauge 0-100 lbs. 702-00730-I.jpg $41.23
Gast Pressure Gauge 2.625 Inch Bottom Mount AE133-I.jpg $138.48
LIQUID FILLED GAUGE 2.5" 0-30 LBS AQPG-108-I.jpg $17.96
LIQUID FILLED GAUGE 2.5" 0-60 LBS AQPG-108-I.jpg $17.96
LIQUID FILLED GAUGE 4" 0-30 LBS AQPG-108-I.jpg $47.53
LIQUID FILLED GAUGE 4" 0-60 LBS AQPG-108-I.jpg $47.53  
POLY CASE GAUGE 2" 0-30 LBS BOTTOM MT AQPG-119-I.jpg $6.15
POLY CASE GAUGE 2" 0-60 LBS BACK MT AQPG-117-I.jpg $6.15
POLY CASE GAUGE 2" 0-60 LBS BOTTOM MT AQPG-116-I.jpg $6.15
Pressure Gauge (Boxed) ECX27091-I.jpg $19.21  
Pressure Gauge (Boxed) ECX270861-I.jpg $17.46
Pressure Gauge Compound 4-1/2 Inch Face 1/4 Inch Bottom Mount Steel Case AQPG-103-I.jpg $10.31
Pressure Gauge Plastic Case 2 Inch Face 0-60 Lbs. IPPG6024L-I.jpg $4.30
Pressure Gauge Poly Case 2 Inch Face 0-30 lbs Back Mount AQPG-119-I.jpg $3.49  
STEEL CASE GAUGE 2" 0-60 LBS AQPG-101-I.jpg $6.43
STEEL CASE GAUGE 4.5" 0-60 LBS AQPG-103-I.jpg $23.54
VACUUM GAUGE 2.5" -30-0 LBS AQPG-122-I.jpg $10.23    
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