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The Eaton Hayward Model 30R is a high quality, low cost simplex basket strainer…perfect for cost sensitive applications. While the cost of the Model 30R is low, its design incorporates many features found only on more expensive units including machined basket seats to protect against bypass insuring all of the flow is strained.

The Model 30R is made of 125 lb. cast iron flanged. It removes damage causing particulate matter (hair and lint) from process media, protecting system components such as flow meters, pumps, and spray nozzles.

The cover of the Model 30R is a clamp type and is hand removable without the need for tools. This makes access to the basket quick and easy for cleaning or change out and every size strainer comes standard with a drain plug.

The Model 30R is the best choice simplex strainer for low or moderate pressure applications such as swimming pools. Pressure rated at 200 psi at 100F.

Each strainer is shipped completely assembled and ready for installation. Note that the Inlet must be correctly oriented during service. Although all Hayward 30R strainers are 100% hydrostatically tested at the factory, it is recommended that you inspect all strainer closures prior to putting the strainer into service. Check that all hardware is secure and that the gaskets and/or o-rings seal properly.

Hayward Model 30R Simplex 3 Inch Basket Strainer Flanged Item: #AQHS1030
Hayward Model 30R Simplex 4 Inch Basket Strainer Flanged Item: #AQHS1040
Hayward Model 30R Simplex 6 Inch Basket Strainer Flanged Item: #AQHS1060
Hayward Model 30R Simplex 8 Inch Basket Strainer Flanged Item: #AQHS1080