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CSP/CCSP Hair Lint Strainer Package 6 Inch ANSI Flange 1,100 Cubic Inch Capacity Item: PKG 184

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This is a Hair and Lint Strainer Package by Sta-Rite pool products. Strainer will fit in the Sta-Rite CSP Self-Priming Pumps CSPHK, CSPHL, CCSPH, CSPHM, CSPH2, CSPHN, CCSPH, and CSPH2.

Rugged hair and lint traps are forged from cast iron for heavy-duty commercial service. Epoxy coating on all wetted cast iron surfaces (except for in-line mounting). Suction and discharge accommodates high-flow performance in a variety of applications.

Strainer body has a removable drain plug for winterizing. ANSI rated flange bolt pattern permits faster plumbing and installation.

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