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PureWhite 2 LED Inground Pool Light 12V 400 Watts Equivalent Item: E1-LPL-P2-WHT-12

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PureWhite 2 replacement lamps are the brightest, most cost-effective alternative to inefficient incandescents and costly full fixture LED installations. They immediately and significantly reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs. Comes with a high durability, silicone lens gasket made for use with LED lamps.

Save money and the environment just by changing your bulbs! Go Green with PureWhite 2 LED replacement lights. PureWhite 2 LED lights enhance pool water appearance and provide instant operating expense savings, breaking even within one year.

PureWhite 2 LED replacement lights fit any standard pool light housing. This model compatible with: Hayward Astrolite SP058 Series, Pentair Amerlite 784 Series, and Jacuzzi Full Moon. Dimensions: 4.89 diameter x 5.45 inches lens. Pool use only.

  • Uses 45 watts or less - reduces energy use by 90%.
  • Lasts up to 50,000 hours - 20x longer life than incandescent lamps.
  • Replaces existing light bulb - eliminates expense of replacing housing.
  • Costs 1/3 less than a full fixture replacement.
  • Includes high durability, silicone lens gasket made for use with LEDS.
  • Now 50% brighter, 400W equivalent.
  • Industry leading 3-year warranty.

PureWhite 2 LED Inground Pool Light 120V 400 Watts Equivalent Item: #C1-LPL-P2-WHT-120