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TSP Pool Washing Compound 16 oz. Item: 910-Q

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The most important aspect of coating a pool is surface preparation. Your new coating will not adhere to even the slightest oily residue such as suntan lotion, body oils, hair spray, algae or anything that comes between the pool surface and the new coating. There are several steps in preparing your pool surface, one of which is Washing Your Pool.

The best washing solution is TSP (tri-sodium phosphate) heavy-duty cleaner mixed with warm water. Washing your pool is important to remove any existing oil residue. NEVER use a soap-type detergent. Soap products leave a soapy film on the surface which will result in poor coating adhesion.

How to Wash Your Pool
Mix four ounces of pool washing compound or tri-sodium phosphate to two gallons of warm water. One gallon of this solution will wash approximately 200 square feet. Dip a long handled brush in this solution and firmly scrub the pool surface in approximately 10 foot sections. Rinse off the residue with clear water immediately after scrubbing. Be careful not to allow the pool washing solution to dry on the surface. Always scrub the walls first and the floor last.

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