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Bonderite Primer No. 215 Gallon (Case of Four Gallons) Item: 215-C

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Bonderite primer is specifically formulated for use over bare aluminum pool surfaces. This material is a two-part epoxy that should be applied by roller or spray over sanded aluminum. Two coats are recommended for maximum protection. Bonderite should be used as an undercoat for Poxolon and Zeron. It prevents corrosion and is a perfect base coat.

Special care must be taken to ensure the success of coating metal pool surfaces. Aluminum, steel, and galvanized steel all have their special properties which require the selection of the appropriate primer. Bare metal should receive two coats of primer to eliminate pinholes and corrosion. DO NOT use the primer over an existing coating.

Coverage: 200 - 250 square feet per gallon.

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