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E-Z Patch 11 Beadcrete Plaster Repair Fas Set 10 lb. Item: EZP11-10-FS

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Specifically designed for underwater or fast above water repairs. E-Z Patch 11 F.S. (Fast Set) Bead Plaster Repair is also the best to use in cold weather. Our special modified material with Pozzalons and Polymers is top quality and backed by superior formulations. Each product offers complete instructions on each container.

HINTS: To prevent surface shrinkage cracks in repairs over 1 inches deep, use a 2-step process. First, fill-in with E-Z Patch 1, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 or 11 until the depth is 3/8 inch. Then, after fill-in is dry, dampen with water and finish the repair. For flexibility, E-Z Patch 24 can be applied prior to repairs.

A 10 lb. jar covers up to 3 square feet at 3/8 inches.

All of the EZ-Patch cement repair colors may be adjusted using any cement dye. Designed to match most Bead Plaster colors. Color appearance may vary and cannot be guaranteed for accuracy.

E-Z Patch 11 Beadcrete Plaster Repair Fast Set 50 lb. Item: #EZP11-50-FS
E-Z Patch 11 Beadcrete Plaster Repair 10 lb. Item: #EZP11-10