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PERMASEAL is a one-component nitrile rubber caulking compound that seals cracks while remaining permanently flexible. PERMASEAL is a fantastic product in many ways. It is similar in curing time, working properties, and permanent flexibility to the silicone rubber bathtub sealants. It is also compatible with all types of pool paints and dries overnight.

This product is the easiest of all permanent rubber joint fillers to install, as it may be installed by a novice. PERMASEAL comes in cartridges which fit a skeleton type caulking gun. It converts to nitrile rubber in 18 to 24 hours. Apply to clean pool and deck joints without a primer.

PERMASEAL should be used only for a small crack up to _ inch in width. Some shrinkage will occur as it dries.

PERMASEAL has excellent adhesion to aluminum, vinyl, glass, wood, concrete and most clean materials. Temperature range - 30 F to 175 F. In addition to swimming pool expansion joints, PERMASEAL can be used as a bedding compound, flashing seal, window seal, or bathtub caulk. Click Here to View Technical Bulletin!

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