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Poxofill Epoxy Putty No. 962 Gallon (Case of 4 Gallons) Item: 962-C

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No. 962 POXOFILL is a two-part epoxy aggregate putty. It may be molded to any shape. It can be installed in cracks, pits, small potholes and spalled or eroded spots by using a putty knife. It is the strongest and most permanent patching putty available. It may be used underwater. When using underwater, the putty should be hand formed so that it is approximately 10% larger than the crack or spot to be filled. It should then be held by hand or by any other method so it can Òset upÓ for 10 minutes; at that time, your hand (or other support) can be removed. Excess putty can then be removed with a putty knife or steel trowel.

POXOFILL is a two-component material. The base should be well stirred and mixed with the catalyst. POXOFILL then develops a putty-like consistency. It can be applied with a putty knife, molded by hand, or spackled with a spackling tool or trowel, when holes, depressions, ruts, cracks in concrete pool surfaces are to be repaired.

  • For patching and repairing of concrete or equipment installation.
  • It has much greater adhesion and is far more permanent.
  • It may be applied underwater and it will cure underwater.
  • It secures perfect adhesion without a primer.
  • May be painted after overnight curing.
  • It has greater resistance to acid, pool chemicals, moisture, and other conditions in swimming pools.

Poxofill Epoxy Putty No. 962 Gallon Item: #962-G
Poxofill Epoxy Putty No. 962 Quart Item: #962-Q