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Pool Stairs with Handrail Item: AQPS102
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These new safety stairs for vinyl and aboveground pools feature anti-slip treads molded permanently into the top of each step. They can't pull or peel off. These stairs are specifically made for 48 inch and 52 inch flat bottom pools.

The stairs are rotationally molded in a single piece of durable polyethylene so they're virtually immune to chlorine, acids, alkalis, biocides, salts and other chemicals and they won't fade in sunlight. They're rugged. Keep them in the pool even after it's closed for the season or drain the water from inside for easy movement and storage.

They come with a heavy-duty, powder coated handrail extruded from durable aluminum to safely accommodate several adult swimmers simultaneously along with a rail flange for mounting to above ground pool decks.

Stairs are weighted with six 50 lb. bags of sand (not included). There is a rear opening in the back of the stairs to insert the sand.

Measurements: 45 inches long, 46.5 inches wide, 43 inches high.

Swim Safe ADA Stair - 4 Tread (for 36-48 Inches of Water) Item: #AQADAS-4