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6 to 18 Foot Super Duty Series 3006 Pole with Eliptilock (3 Piece) Item: SL3006

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The 3006 Series meets the demand of people looking for a Super Duty version of the Eliptilock pole. The beauty of these poles is they collapse to approximately 6 feet yet extend to about 18 feet.

The EliptiLock lock assembly is a patented design with the lock built into the tubes. There are no parts to fall out or break! The outside tube is formed slightly out of round and the inside tube is equally out of round which creates the friction for the lock. The Eliptilock has become an industry favorite of many professionals.

For over 50 years, Skimlite has been dedicated to supplying top of the line equipment made 100% in the USA. Skimlite believes products should be made to last. Quality pays for itself!

  • Lock Assembly: Eliptilock.

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