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E-Z Patch 5 White Coping Stone Repair 3 lb. Item: EZP-147

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E-Z Patch 5 (White) Coping Stone Repair allows you to repair cracked or broken coping stones. This product contains special acrylic modified materials with pozzolans (siliceous volcanic ash) and polymers. After product application, swimming may be allowed the next day.

Cracked or broken coping stones take a lot of time to replace (if you can locate them). E-Z Patch 5 kit instructions show you how to repair cracks, chips or large missing chunks as well as how to match the coping stone texture. All of our E-Z Patch cement repair kits can be colored with masonry dye, if needed, for custom color matching. (Acrylic modified materials.)

A 3 lb. jar (kit) for homeowners and small repairs.

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