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Solar Charging Station for Pathfinder, Ranger and ProPool Lifts Item: F-044SCH

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Aqua Creek's Solar Charging Station provides a steady stream of low voltage power for your pool lift's battery. The Solar Station has been updated with a simpler, water resistant connection that now plugs directly into the pool lift's control box. The solar charger extends the life of your battery and eliminates the need to remove the battery each night for charging. It comes with a new control box and is easily installed with the pool lift's existing bolts and ships via UPS. Saves labor, saves energy, and extends your battery's life!

This Solar charging Station works with: Pathfinder, Ranger and ProPool Lifts. Order Item F-045SCH for Scout, Revolution or Titan lifts. Totally green! No need to use power from your facility to charge the battery. No need to remove and recharge batteries at the end of the day. (For outdoor pools only.)

Solar Charging Station for Scout, Revolution, and Titan Lifts Item: #F-045SCH