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Rotary Flow Sensor Item: CAX-20203

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CAT Flow Sensors detect the presence of sufficient recirculating flow to ensure accurate pH and sanitizer readings. All CAT controllers can utilize the flow sensor to disable automatic chemical feeding during periods of insufficient flow (backwash, clogged strainer, electrical storm, etc.). The flow sensor provides an additional safeguard protecting bathers and equipment.

The CAT Rotary Flow Sensor takes this protection to a new level. CAT is the only major controller company to incorporate the electronic switching circuitry within the controller, rather than attached to the sensor. This enables the CAT controller to auto-detect the type, condition, and functionality of the flow sensor and activate audible and visual alarms in the event of flow sensor obstruction or failure.

CAT utilizes a set of magnets permanently cast into the flow sensor rotor vanes and a Hall-Effect transistor to generate electrical pulses which are constantly monitored by the controller. The FDA compliant blue rotor provides a clear visual indication of flow as well. Shipped complete with cable and connector.

CAT Controller Flow Cell Blue Spinner with Ceramic Pin Item: #CAX-20205