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Our quality replacement motors are carefully engineered to meet the rugged demands of swimming pool duty. Two sealed ball bearings (with large 304 bearing on shaft end) offer ample capacity for extended life. Bearings are selected for quietness and are lubricated for life with greases specifically chosen for moisture and heat resistant qualities. Aluminum end frames are accurately machined for maximum concentricity and minimum runout.

Auto Protector
Open Drip Proof
Capacitor Start
And Capacitor Start—Capacitor Run
NEMA 56C Face Mount
Stainless Steel Threaded Shaft
Sealed Ball Bearings
Sealed Switch Design

Important: Total output (HP x service factor) of replacement motor must equal or exceed motor being replaced. If you need a large hp motor, please call our office for assistance.

Both Full Rated and Up-Rated C-Face Single Speed Motors are listed below.

Fit: Hayward NorthStar, Super Pump, and Super II Pumps. Also Fits: Americana, American Eagle, Hayward Max-Flo, Hydrotech, ITT Marlow Argonaut, Jacuzzi Magnum, Speck.

Need Help with a Motor? Fax us the information on the name tag of your current motor (hp, voltage, phase (single or 3-phase), and frame number). Also provide the model of the pump itself. FAX: 207-692-1033. We’ll be glad to assist you with getting the right motor.

Motor_Threaded-I.jpg 1/2 HP FULL-RATED C-FACE MOTOR 115/230V Item: #ST1052 33 - In stock
Motor_Threaded-I.jpg 3/4 HP UP-RATED C-FACE MOTOR 115/230V Item: #UST1072 270 - In stock
Motor_Threaded-I.jpg MOTOR 1 HP FULL-RATED C-FACE 115/230V Item: #ST1072 93 - In stock
Motor_Threaded-I.jpg Motor 1 HP Threaded Shaft Full Rate 3450 115/230 18.6/9.3 1.5 56J Item: #ST1102 171 - In stock
Motor_Threaded-I.jpg 1 HP UP-RATED C-FACE MOTOR 115/230V Item: #UCT1102 20 - In stock
Motor_Threaded-I.jpg 1-1/2 HP FULL RATED C-FACE MOTOR 115/208-230V Item: #ST1152 106 - In stock
Motor_Threaded-I.jpg 1-1/2 HP UP-RATED C-FACE MOTOR 115/230V Item: #UCT1152 Ships in 2-3 Days
Motor_Threaded-I.jpg Motor 2 HP Threaded Shaft Full Rate 3450 208-230 12.6-11.4 1.3 56J Item: #ST1202 74 - In stock
Motor_Threaded-I.jpg 2 HP UP-RATED C-FACE MOTOR 115/208-230V Item: #UST1202 209 - In stock
Motor_Threaded-I.jpg 2-1/2 HP UP-RATED C-FACE MOTOR 208-230V Item: #EUST1252 Ships In 2-3 Days
Motor_Threaded-I.jpg 3 HP FULL RATED C-FACE MOTOR 208-230V Item: #ST1302V1 12 - In stock
Motor_Threaded-I.jpg 3 HP FULL-RATED MOTOR 230V Item: #ST1302 Ships in 2-3 Days