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SpeedBlocks Head Immobilizer Starter Pack Item: AQ6878
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The SpeedBlocks Starter Pack includes one block set, one universal base, and one strap and pad replacement set.

Immobilize a patient's head in 4 easy steps! Place the head on the base, adjust the blocks, lock them into place and fasten the head and chin; your patient is immobilized in a matter of minutes. The reliable handle, locking mechanism with a quick release lock enables providers to lock patients securely into place, regardless of the head shape or position.

The high- density polyethylene construction makes the reusable base and blocks resistant to punctures and tears while still being easy to clean and disinfect. Combined with disposable pads and straps for added comfort and ease of use, the Speedblocks Head Immobilizer ensures comfort for provider and user.

One size fits patients from 2 year olds to adults, comfortably and securely; and large ear holes ensure visualization of the ears.

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