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Paddlebuoy polystyrene paddleboards are used as kayaks, recreational water toys, or as lifeguard rescue boards. On river, lake or ocean, the unsinkable boards can be used for games, raced, paddled leisurely or for exercise, or simply used for sunning. Lifeguards love Paddlebuoys for their light weight, low cost, and durability. Of all the equipment you have on your beach or waterfront, the Paddlebuoys will be used the most!

Paddlebuoys come in three models: Classic, Classic II, and Pro. All three models are 9.5 feet long, 24 inches wide, and 4 inches thick. An internal framework of aluminum tubing provides exceptional strength. The Paddlebuoy is maintenance free, durable, and unsinkable. The Classic models weigh only 15 pounds, while the Pro weighs just 25. Either board will support over 380 pounds.

The Classic Paddlebuoy is white and red. A cross section of the Paddlebuoy is shown below.

Lifeguards have been using Paddlebuoy for over 40 years as rescue boards for the Red Cross, the military, and hundreds of summer camps. The combination of low cost, light weight, and durability have made Paddlebuoy paddle boards the standard in lifeguard training.

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