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Save Money by Heating with the Sun!

The sun gives off a ton of heat every day, so take advantage of it and heat your swimming pool with no energy costs. A solar cover, also known as a solar blanket, is a great way to heat your pool during hot summer days, as well as extending your swimming season into the cooler days of autumn. (Typically, there is a 15 degree temperature rise when using a solar cover.) You can open your pool earlier in the spring and close it later in the fall because your solar blanket will keep the water nice and warm.

Solar Covers work by using the sun's free energy to heat your pool during the day, and keep your pool warm by significantly reducing evaporation. Evaporation is the main cause of heat loss in indoor and outdoor pools. A solar bubble blanket can cut evaporation up to 95%! Additionally, you will be able to save money on chemicals. Solar covers cut chemical costs up to 40% by reducing the amount of chemicals that gas off through normal evaporation. Each solar cover will keep your swimming pool cleaner by blocking out dirt and debris from entering the water.

Our commercial grade solar covers are made from low-density polyethylene made from Dow prime resins that are very durable and reliable. Blankets are ultra lightweight and easy to handle. They offer superior light diffusion properties that enhance the sun’s solar rays. The result is a warmer pool, energy conservation and lower operating costs.

Our solar covers are available in 8 mil. thickness (Three-Year Warranty) or 12 mil. (Deluxe) thickness (Five-Year Warranty). Custom sizes available priced per square foot. Fax in your dimensions for price quote on custom sizes.

The solar covers below are 8 mil. with a Three-Year Warranty. Rectangular covers are listed under the 5-Year Warranty covers.

AQSC1224-I.jpg 24' ROUND SOLAR COVER Item: #AQSC24-3 157 - In stock
AQSC1224-I.jpg 27' ROUND SOLAR COVER Item: #AQSC27-3 25 - In stock
AQSC1224-I.jpg 28' ROUND SOLAR COVER Item: #AQSC28-3 42 - In stock
AQSC1224-I.jpg 30' ROUND SOLAR COVER Item: #AQSC30-3 6 - In stock
AQSC1224-I.jpg 12X24 OVAL SOLAR COVER Item: #AQSC1224-3 48 - In stock
AQSC1224-I.jpg 12X28 OVAL SOLAR COVER Item: #AQSC1228-3 Limited Availability
AQSC1224-I.jpg 15X24 OVAL SOLAR COVER Item: #AQSC1524-3 28 - In stock
AQSC1224-I.jpg 15X30 OVAL SOLAR COVER Item: #AQSC1530-3 72 - In stock
AQSC1224-I.jpg 16X32 OVAL SOLAR COVER Item: #AQSC1632-3 11 - In stock
AQSC1224-I.jpg 18X33 OVAL SOLAR COVER Item: #AQSC1833-3 33 - In stock