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Triton® C and C-3 sand filters are designed for high efficiency and easy maintenance in high capacity commercial pools and other water applications. A unique internal design levels the sand bed and produces an even water flow for the most efficient filtration possible. This filter series features multiple diverters for increased filtration rates in commercial applications up to 20 GPM/Sq. Ft. Pentair's multi-diffuser system and slotted layer design gives the Triton C superior filtration capacity and flow for longer cycles between cleanings, which significantly reduces operating costs.

The Triton C-3 models have 3 inch flanged connection which cut friction loss in half and don"t require special adapters. And the Triton C Series is engineered with single-piece tanks for superior strength. They are made from the toughest materials available to withstand harsh chemicals and weather. These filters are ideal for commercial applications and tandem installations when several filters are required. Features:

Maximum Operating Pressure 50 psi.
2 and 3 inch plumbing connections for maximum flow.
Full 2 inch drains for easy winterizing.
8 inch opening for easy access to sand bed.

NSF Listed. Available in flow rates from 98 to 141 gallons per minute.

Valves must be purchased separately and are shown below (after the sand filters).

140315-I.jpg Triton C TR100 30 Inch Side Mount Sand Filter Only 98 GPM Almond Item: #140315 23 - In stock
140315-I.jpg Triton C TR140 36 Inch Side Mount Sand Filter Only 141 GPM Almond Item: #140316 49 - In stock
140342-I.jpg Triton C-3 TR100 30 Inch Side Mount Flanged Sand Filter Only 98 GPM Item: #140310 1 - In stock
140342-I.jpg Triton C-3 TR140 36 Inch Side Mount Flanged Sand Filter Only 141 GPM Black Item: #140342 14 - In stock
261050-I.jpg Hi-Flow Valve With Plumbing For Sand Filters Item: #261050 106 - In stock
261055-I.jpg Multiport Valve Kit 2 Inch for Sand Filters Item: #261055 118 - In stock
263010-I.jpg Full Flow Valve 2 Inch With Bulkhead Fittings For Sand Filter Item: #263010 13 - In stock
Tandem-Piping-I.jpg TANDEM FILTER PIPING KITS Item: #PENTAIR_TandemPipes