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Item # STR0012-6MB

Availability: Ships Directly from the Factory

Description of ADA Compliant 6-Step Easy Stair for pool depths 48-57 inches includes Dolly.

Drawing on Triad's 25 year background in pool access equipment, and meeting all the 2010 ADA Guidelines for Accessible Design, their new and fully compliant ADA Easy Stair offers a proven and economical solution for larger pools requiring a secondary means of pool access.

Experience has shown that pool access products are being used proactively to develop new programs and income sources by serving a wider range of specific needs—including those with limited mobility, the elderly, and infirm—to the mom's -to-be, pre-teens, and first-time recreation swimmers. Quick and easy removal with the Triad dolly (included) means that lap swim and competition swim meets are not compromised.

The Easy Stair is factory trimmed to the pool dimension, includes underwater entrapment side skirting, is portable and removable, and requires no deck mounting or pool modifications.

Features Highlighted:
Portable and removable.
No pool anchoring required.
Custom trimmed.
Includes entrapment skirt.
Requires no pool bonding.

6-Step: deck-to-floor measurement between 48 and 57 inches.

Note: Both the original Easy Ladder and the ADA Easy Stair are considered to be acceptable as viable means of pool access for a wide spectrum of less-than-fully-able pool users by an internationally recognized consultant group specializing in this field, and who are also used by the Department of Justice as advisors to resolve technical accessibility issues.

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