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SignGuardian 2 Inch Black with 1 Inch 1-Way Bolt Item: 840-SG-2000
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SignGuardian provides sign hardware with no protruding bolts, u-channel, or scrap metal. There are no sharp edges! For added security, the tamper resistant 1-way R bolt can only be removed with a specially designed removal tool.

Black nylon SignGuardian with 1-way (one-inch) R bolt. The heavy-duty plastic anchor fits snugly to any standard 2 inch chain-link fences, preventing movement from wind, child tampering, or vandalism. One-way security bolts have a specially designed head that makes installation easy, but removal nearly impossible for vandals. Bolts can be removed with specially designed tool or bit (sold separately).

This unit includes plastic anchor, nut, mounting screw, and specially designed one-way bolt. Hardware can be mounted to the front of the fence for use on Privacy-Screen Fencing.

840-SG-1-I.jpg 2" REVERSIBLE ONE-WAY BOLT Item: #840-SG-2 38 - In stock
840-SG-1-I.jpg 1" REVERSIBLE ONE-WAY BOLT Item: #840-SG-1 50 - In stock