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Finally, sign and banner installers have a system specifically designed to attach signs and banners to chain link fences. SignGrabber's patent pending design allows safe, attractive, and tamper-resistant installation of signs and banners that is superior to any solution used before.

This patent pending design helps prevent theft of your sign or banner and is much safer than conventional mounting methods. The slotted bolt openings securely lock the bolt in place while allowing accurate alignment of any size sign. With SignGrabber, your signage will not only be safer and more secure, but it will look cleaner and last longer. The sturdy metal anchors fit snugly preventing movement from wind, child tampering, or vandalism.

SIGNGRABBER-P is a mounting system for post-mounted signs. It is designed for mounting signs to formed metal poles with regular spaced holes (U-channel and square sign posts). Used with one-way bolts, they act as a non-removable nut; thus adding tamper resistance to the installation. The cast alloy used will not rust!

SGP-B3 fits 2” square post with 2 ½” tamper resistant bolt.