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Raypak ELS SpaPak Spa Heaters Item: RAYPAK_ELS_SPAPAK

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Raypak SpaPak Heaters offer dependable, trouble-free, performance with corrosion free, 100% copper and bronze waterways. Two compact models (5.5kw and 11kw) built to last by the company renowned for reliability.

SpaPak spa/hot tub electric heaters furnish sustained heat to provide the maximum benefits of hydrotherapy including stress reduction, relaxation and arthritis/pain relief.


  • Brass Headers, Copper Water Vessel
  • Incoloy Heating Elements
  • UL and cUL Listed
  • 240VAC Operation
  • 1-1/2 Inch Male NPT Connection

The following table shows the heating capability for each model in temperature rise per hour with a given amount of water. For example, the 11kw unit will raise the temperature of 450 gallons of water 10 degrees Fahrenheit in one hour. To determine the gallons of your spa, multiply the surface area x average depth x 7.5.

When electricity is the energy choice, Raypak is the quality choice.

Raypak ELS 552-2 Electric Spa Heater 220 Volts 5.5 Kilowatt Item: #R001642
Raypak ELS 1102-2 Electric Spa Heater 220 Volts 11 Kilowatt Item: #R001640