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Splash, PAL and aXs Lift Parts & Accessories

Splash, PAL and aXs Lift parts and accessories such as headrests, batteries, covers, etc.

4-Button 2-Channel Hand Control for Lift-Operator 100-4000A-I.jpg $138.06
Armrest Assembly for PAL, MultiLift and Splash Lifts in White 170-1000-New-I.jpg $327.91
Armrest Assembly for PAL2 and aXs in Gray 170-2320-I.jpg $381.23
Folding Seat Assembly for PAL, Splash and MultiLift Lifts (No Hi/Lo Series) 160-6000-New-I.jpg $719.95  
Footrest Replacement for PAL and Splash Lifts 160-1300-I.jpg $86.53
Footrest Replacement with Hardware for PAL and Splash Lifts 160-1300A-I.jpg $90.71
Footrest for aXs Pool Lifts AX2451-New-I.jpg $101.17
Four Button Lift-Operator Control Box Keyed Replacement Kit 400-7000-I.jpg $407.81  
Four Button Lift-Operator Control Box Replacement Kit 400-7000-I.jpg $316.52
Four-Button Lift-Operator Control Box Upgrade Kit 1001550-I.jpg $540.58
Four-Button Lift-Operator Control Box with Activation Key Upgrade Kit 1001555-New-I.jpg $649.24
Head Rest for PAL, Splash and MultiLift Lifts 525-0000-I.jpg $418.52  
Lift Activation Keys (Set of 4) 1001515-I.jpg $104.03
Lift-Operator Battery 1001495-I.jpg $210.88
Lift-Operator Battery Charger 1001530-I.jpg $92.19
LiftLock Locking Deck Anchor for aXs Lifts (Includes Cap) 300-6200L-New-I.jpg $187.95  
Linak Battery Charger New Style for PAL, aXs and Splash Lifts 100-3500-I.jpg $90.43
Linak Battery for PAL, aXs and Splash Lifts 100-2000-I.jpg $210.68
Linak Control Box Assembly for PAL, aXs and Splash Lifts 100-1000A-New-I.jpg $386.19
Seat Pad for Lifts 900-4000-I.jpg $107.38  
Seat Saver Cover for All SR Smith Lifts 970-0000-I.jpg $258.38
Secure It Kit for PAL Lift 200-1090A-New-I.jpg $107.84
Spineboard Attachment for SR Smith Lifts 500-1000-I.jpg $371.31
Splash Caddy 400-0000-I.jpg $542.16  
Splash/PAL Pool Lift Cover 920-5000-I.jpg $365.13
Stability Vest for Lifts 900-2000-I.jpg $192.14
Universal Splash Mast Cover 940-1100-I.jpg $314.73
aXs Caddy 400-2000-AX-I.jpg $553.54  
aXs Pool Lift Cover AX9005-New-I.jpg $390.16        
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