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Sixteen Inch Anti-Vortex PVC Plate Assembly Item: AVPLATE16PVCKIT

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An anti-vortex plate prevents the formation of a vortex and subsequently air entrapment into the pump by forcing any emerging vortex to go around a plate and then into the suction pipe. The swirling motion cannot be maintained and the vortex dissipates and cannot form if the path is too long and contorted.

Our PVC Anti-Vortex plate is a simple, effective product that controls velocity on your suction line and avoids cavitation. 

  • Works with All Pump Suction Piping by Others.
  • All Kits Include 4 stainless steel rods, 8 nuts and 8 flat washers.
  • Plate designed to limit velocity to 1.5 FPS Maximum.
  • Flow is based on the suction piping velocity at 6 FPS.

Fourteen Inch Anti-Vortex PVC Plate Assembly Item: #AVPLATE14PVCKIT